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Rootit steers Van Marcke's commercial growth

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The customer

Van Marcke, a specialized distribution company in the wholesale industry, delivers bathrooms, wellness equipment, kitchens and energy efficient-heating systems. The company is market leader in Belgium.

Van Marcke looked for a solution to support its category management team in taking better, fact-based decisions. The company wanted to increase its sales and gain transparency in their product and distribution performance to be able to continue steering their business growth.

How Rootit supported

Integrating their datasets in Rootit enabled them to have a dynamic view on the current performance of their assortment and to identify potential problems and opportunities.

By extracting meaningful insights from their data and setting up recurring intuitive dashboards, Rootit supports the Van Marcke category team in sustainably driving commercial performance.

How we created impact

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Improved category management
visibility and control

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Improved assortment performance

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Identification of new growth opportunities


"After only seeing a single analysis, I was convinced that the investment was already worth it. On top of that, the built-in enrichment modules and strong commitment of the Rootit team made this critical project a success in less than 4 months. Their unique combination of category management expertise with advanced data analytical capabilities allowed us to grow our portfolio management skills and to measure our store performance on a very detailed level."

Thierry Geers, Chief Product and Supply officer at Van Marcke

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