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Impact stories

Discover how Rootit makes an impact by reading through our customer stories.

Rootit steers Van Marcke's commercial growth

Van Marcke is a specialized wholesaler distributing bathrooms, wellness systems, kitchens and heating installations.


With Rootit they optimize their assortment in the shops in order to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue in a profitable way.

Recticel fuels pricing excellence with Rootit

Recticel, an international industrial player, holds the ambition to make an essential difference in everyone’s daily experience of comfort.

Rootit tracks the pricing performance and suggests pricing opportunities to the revenue teams.


Rootit boosts sales effectiveness via funnel analytics

Plantyn, part of the Infinitas Learning group, is one of the top 3 educational solution providers in Belgium. They offer qualitative pupil & teacher content, digital learning platforms and management software.

Rootit steers their marketing & sales team via funnel analytics and churn predictions.

Detry improves profitability via Rootit data models

D-Trans, the transport company from Detry group, delivers chilled and frozen products for multiple customers to retailers and wholesalers.

Rootit provides a cost-to-serve model and a tariff grid supporting management to set the right prices and target relevant customers.

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Comprehensible & enriched reporting with Rootit

Arteco is a dynamic chemical company, leader in its market segment. They develop and manufacture quality antifreeze coolants and heat transfer fluids for automotive and industrial applications.

Rootit helped Arteco to integrate, enrich, and automate various data sources into comprehensible reports.

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