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We are the independent expertise firm specialized in customer-centric growth.

We are the independent expertise firm specialized in customer-centric growth.

Sales solutions

Maximize the effectiveness of your sales organization by increasing conversions & growing revenue of your existing customer base.

Maximizing sales effectiveness is becoming increasingly important for most businesses due to intensifying competition. Analyzing the productivity of your sales reps, both on individual as on team level, is key in doing so. 

How we support

Your benefits

Rootit's sales module allows you to grow your topline by optimizing your go-to-market, increasing your coverage and enlarging recurring revenues of your existing customer base.


On top we stimulate to improve the profitability of your accounts by providing insights into the costs to serve your customers.

Finally, we support you to improve productivity by optimizing sales planning.

  • Attract, Grow & Retain customer accounts by elevating your sales effectiveness and experience

  • Boost collaboration and best-practice sharing across teams & accounts to define a set of valuable actions

  • Support the revenue department with a continuous flow of high-impact insights, driven by your data


Net sales impact


Net margin impact

Impact stories

Discover how Rootit makes an impact by reading through our customer stories.


Rootit boosts sales effectiveness via funnel analytics

Plantyn, part of the Infinitas Learning group, is one of the top 3 educational solution providers in Belgium. They offer qualitative pupil & teacher content, digital learning platforms and management software.

Rootit steers their marketing & sales team via funnel analytics and churn predictions.

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