Root  -  /ru:t/


1.  look for something by turning things over

2.  cause to grow

3.  establish deeply and firmly

A unique blend of capabilities

on a mission to empower commercial teams with intelligent technology.

It all started in 2018 at a famous brewery in Belgium. A couple of experienced marketing & sales consultants designed an integrated price & contract management process which needed to be implemented in By coincidence they joined forces with a Polish team of innovative developers, resulting in a successful implementation across Europe.

The effective collaboration and mutual recognition of the skills of both teams, made us realize that we could not leave the untapped potential on the table. The unique blend of marketing & sales expertise on the one hand and digital development skills on the other was unseen. So, over a couple of beers, we started to brainstorm on how we could rock the status quo of commercial processes and revolutionize the growth mindset.

Rootit was born. And what a great ride the last two years have been!


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