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A unique blend of capabilities on a mission to empower commercial teams with intelligent technology.

Root  -  /ru:t/


1.  look for something by turning things over

2.  cause to grow

3.  establish deeply and firmly

— About Rootit —

A unique blend of capabilities

In 2018, Dries Debbaut, Roel Vermeulen & Bert Vandewiele were working at a global consulting firm as revenue growth consultants. Over the last decade, they had encountered many companies in a wide range of sectors. One thing these companies had in common, was their struggle to extract value from their data.

Instead of each company having to start similar journeys from a blank page over and over again, they believed an off-the-shelf platform would yield better & faster results. Dries, Roel & Bert combined their expertise and developed Rootit.

After having onboarded the first customers, they felt clear traction in the market and started scaling-up Rootit. Over the past 3 years, the team has been growing fast and has developed a unique blend of business, analytical and digital skills. 

— Meet our expert team 

Get assistance of our
customer-driven experts

Our team of dedicated consultants will provide you with extensive technical as well as sector knowledge. They will happily support you every step of the way.

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Join our team

— Careers 

Join Rootit and become part of an ambitious journey.

You have a passion for digital innovation, big data and coaching of companies in their top-line growth journey. You have an entrepreneurial attitude and like to work in a young scale-up. Tell us about yourself!

We are currently looking for:

  • A junior front-end developer (React) - BE/NL

  • A medior back-end developer - BE/NL

  • A junior product consultant - BE/NL

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