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Category solutions

Boost your sales through an optimized assortment strategy.

Sales organizations strive for the optimal product mix to better fulfill customer needs and increase their sales and profitability. In a swiftly evolving market, a profound understanding of the assortment profitability, customer behaviour and competition dynamics is crucial in achieving lasting success.


Identifying the most profitable segments, brands, and products; Analyzing which categories are under- or overrepresented; Understanding the impact of assortment changes on customers shopping behaviour. Those are the insights that allow companies to become true category heroes. 

How we support

Your benefits

Rootit's category module provides companies in various industries with exactly those insights.


We support companies to rebalance the category portfolio based on data & prescriptive analytics.


Together with your category, brand, and product managers we design the category portfolio of tomorrow.

  • Refine your assortment to drive profitability & customer satisfaction

  • Receive actionable insights to realize both quick wins & long-term strategic shifts in your assortment

  • Predictive opportunity suggestions through integration of state-of-the-art technology allows for optimal support to decision makers

Net sales impact



Net margin impact

Impact stories

Discover how Rootit makes an impact by reading through our customer stories.


Rootit steers Van Marcke's commercial growth

Van Marcke is a specialized wholesaler distributing bathrooms, wellness systems, kitchens and heating installations.


With Rootit they optimize their assortment in the shops in order to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue in a profitable way.

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