Augmented capabilities

Understand what's happening and how to optimize revenue across accounts. Our proprietary algorithm and prescriptive analytics will provide actionable tactics to reach your revenue goals.

Rootit® releases your data's hidden potential

Data Layer

Fragmented data sources


Enrichment & Expertise Layer

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User Layer

Self-service Analytics & reporting tools


Rootit® provides advanced insights, tailored to the specific needs of your company

Automated data integration & quality

Align and combine fragmented data sources from different departments to gain more insights with a centralized tool

Ensure that your team is looking at the right data through several checks such as data completeness, data quality & custom checks

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AI/ML- based enrichment

Rootit® brings your transactional data to the next level & give you new insights on your company data

Leverage our algorithms to get automated suggested opportunities to grow top & bottom line such as cross & up-selling

Results monitoring

Rootit® modules support end-to-end revenue optimization & continuous improvement

Keep track of the execution, by monitoring the progress of the implementation of your actions & their impact on your business 

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Save time setting up dashboards via our off-the-shelf workflows & support your team to identify growth opportunities in the most efficient way

Our experts provide advice on best practices analytics & tailor our solution to your needs

Custom visuals

Give your team access to user-friendly, beautiful & interactive visuals

Improve your BI with the cutting-edge, powerful and intuitive BI visuals.

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The benefits of Rootit®


No need to reinvent the wheel; leverage our Rootit® power and intelligence in your solution landscape

This tool can be integrated with any existing data source and with any current self-service analytics & reporting tool you may be investing in, or we will set it up for you


Based on workshops together with your team and our business team we will define your specific needs and expectations


We work hand in hand throughout the whole process to provide you with the optimal solutions


Last but not least, data security is guaranteed 

Customer Success

We guarantee fast results and a cost efficient set-up

We provide hands-on training sessions to ensure an optimal usage of the tool

Post-implementation services are available to facilitate the adoption and no need for compulsory consulting