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D-Trans improves its profitablity via Rootit


The customer

D-Trans, the transport company from Detry group, delivers chilled and frozen products from multiple customers to retailers and wholesalers.

D-Trans was looking for a solution to help set the right transport prices. The company wanted to get a clear understanding of all costs and their drivers. Also, they asked for a clear tariff model that could be used and updated by D-Trans when needed, taking into account the main cost-to-serve drivers.

How Rootit supported

With their datasets integrated in Rootit, a clear cost-to-serve model was built, allocating specific cost drivers to the different transporting activities.

Visualizing the Rootit model in Power BI reports, gave them a clear view of all costs and showed them the entire profit waterfall in an intuitive way.

The cost tariff grid based on the Rootit model helps the management today to set correct prices for new customers and review tariffs for the current ones.

How we created impact

eye-variant-with-enlarged-pupil (1).png

Improved cost visibility and comprehension


Accurate parameters to define prices

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Identification of new growth areas

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