Become a digital winner with our new technology framework

Tomorrow's business environment requires smart integration of new technology-based skills and existing commercial capabilities. 

Our hybrid cloud platform will boost your existing system landscape, without additional complexity

There are 3 ways to integrate Rootit leveraging the efforts you already made:


You already invested in an analytics and BI platform, but you want to leverage the power of our rich profit model and the Rootit action-driven guidance app.


No problem, we seamlessly integrate with following leading analytical platforms:


You prefer pure Rootit power. One user-environment with advanced analytics in Amazon QuickSight based on our Rootit profit model and access to the Rootit action-driven guidance app.


Next to an analytics/BI platform, you also invested in a sales force automation solution. In this case, our vision remains not to introduce additional complexity towards the commercial team. They keep using the tools they already know.


We built a specific Rootit action-driven guidance app for:




We build on the leading cloud platform to empower your commercial team

Secure & reliable

We take advantage of the secure AWS infrastructure and compliance to keep your data safe. Your data security is a key priority for us.

Easy to use

We have a dedicated UX/UI team to optimize and simplify the Rootit user experience. Rooting above- market growth should be fun to do.


Based on feedback of our clients, our data scientists and solution architect challenge and extend the platform continuously.

High performance

Backed by Amazon's massive infrastructure, we have access to powerful compute and storage resources when required. 

Scalable & global

We take advantage of the scalable and global AWS infrastructure to serve our clients, from SMEs up to multi-nationals, all over the globe. 


Rootit is not only cloud-based, it also executes serverless. Enabling us to reduce the TCO and to offer you sharp competitive prices.


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