The solutions we offer

 Rootit platform accommodates 4 modules. Each backed by years of experience of our industry experts & state-of-the-art technology, all with the same goal: Supporting you in the best way possible.


Pricing solutions                

Drive net revenue growth through price & promotion optimization

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Pricing, and by extension promotion policies, are key drivers of your company's net revenue growth. In today's fast-paced environment, the traditional pricing approaches are no longer suitable. Competitive sales organizations require a dynamic & clear-cut pricing strategy across all channels, with data and analytics as its cornerstones. Stop leaving money on the table and leverage Rootit's® pricing module. 

Rootit's® data-driven pricing module supports companies in optimizing pricing & promotion strategies. It provides sales organizations with accurate customer insights, competitive intelligence, and a single source of truth on pricing performance to support decision makers set optimal prices. On top, we elevate your pricing strategy through integration of our predictive AI assistant 'AIDA'. 


  • Full transparency in price structures & levels across customers & channels

  • Translate price opportunities into sales actions & perform active follow-up on action realization

  • Spot new pricing opportunities through our smart assistant AIDA


Category solutions

Boost sales through optimized assortment strategy

Sales organizations strive for the optimal product mix to better fulfill consumers needs and increase their sales and profitability. In a swiftly evolving market, a profound understanding of the assortment profitability, the customer behavior and competition dynamics is crucial in achieving this. Identifying the most profitable segments, brands, and products; Analyzing which categories are under- or overrepresented; Understanding the impact of assortment changes on customers shopping behavior. Those are the insights that allow companies to become true category heroes. 

Rootit's® category module provides companies in various industries with exactly those insights. We support companies to rebalance the category portfolio based on data & prescriptive analytics. Together with your category, brand, and product managers, we design the category portfolio of tomorrow.

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  • Refine your assortment to drive profitability & customer satisfaction

  • Receive actionable insights to realize both quick wins & long-term strategic shifts in your assortment

  • Predictive opportunity suggestions through integration of state-of-the-art technology allows for optimal support to decision makers


Sales solutions

Guiding the revenue team throughout the sales cycle


Maximizing sales effectiveness is becoming increasingly important for most businesses because of intensifying competition. Providing your revenue team with the appropriate supporting insights, both on individual as team level, is key in doing so. How can we grow accounts? How do we align our sales actions? What is working well?

Rootit's® Smart Account Planning cycle attacks these challenges based on your data. With Rootit's® proven Smart Account Planning cycle, sales effectiveness goes further than supporting sales with a traditional lead funnel tool. We believe that only by guiding the entire revenue team throughout the complete sales cycle, the desired performance can be achieved. 


  • Attract, Grow & Retain customer accounts by elevating your sales effectiveness & experience

  • Boost collaboration & best-practice sharing across departments & accounts to realize valuable actions

  • Support the revenue team with a continuous flow of high-impact actions, inspired by your data


Finance solutions

Know what is happening in your organization at all time

Making strategic decisions based on financial data requires a reliable, transparent and readily available overview of the as-is business performance. Comprehensible reports with flexible drill-downs and filters are the missing link for many organizations to get a true understanding of what's going on in the business. 


Keep your finger at the pulse of your company with Rootit's® financial module. Intuitive reports help the people of your organization to monitor the financial stability, evolutions & trends, KPI progress, ..., at all times.



  • Smooth consolidation, budgeting and forecasting cycles enabled through our proprietary algorithms

  • Actionable and easy-to-use reporting that allows decision-making based on enriched financial data

  • Spot opportunities & threats pro-actively by leveraging the latest technologies (AI & Machine Learning)