Smart Account Planning

Grow your accounts by taking the account planning process to the next level. Our methodology drives the consistency, collaboration and customer insight required to focus on the customer's objectives.

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Rootit® brings the entire revenue team together through consistent strategy, methodology & technology


Create a plan and best practice to align the revenue team & generate value


Develop a common language and approach to guide the team and deliver consistency


Connect the people and processes aligned with the customer and integrate them into your CRM

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A solid relationship, built on

multiple cross-functional touchpoints &

an understanding of the objectives of each stakeholder, is key to grow your success rate

Rootit® modules support end-to-end Customer Revenue Optimization

Close the loop to keep track of the execution & for continuous improvement


1. Find relationships and anticipate opportunities

  • Group market insights together for a more complete and structured overview

  • Share different account insights on one platform to grow knowledge at a higher pace

  • Make sure you take opportunities in line with your company goals

  • Get an overview of the key decision-makers and influencers through a relationship map

  • See the big picture and the details by conducting a whitespace analysis


2. Take your planning process to the next level

  • Place the customer's goals and needs in the center of the process 

  • Join forces by creating a plan based on an account team collaboration

  • Build clear and trackable actions plans to align the entire revenue team 

  • Create easily your digitalized account events 


3. Facilitate you actions

  • Gather a detailed overview of every customer visits and keep track of successful meetings

  • Sales playbook

  • Always have your action progress available and up to date to meet your goals on time

  • Sales coaching


4. Learn, grow & continuous improvement 

  • Customer dashboards provide real-time customer data to take strategic decisions 

  • Determine your customers' profitability & identify opportunities based on customer reports

  • QBRs to get immediate actionable strategies for the future and to make forecasts