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Recticel fuels pricing excellence via Rootit

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The customer

Recticel, an international industrial player with profound expertise in the transformation of polyurethane chemistry, is organized around four business lines: Flexible Foams, Bedding, Insulation and Automotive.

As part of a pricing transformation, the client wanted to provide better customer insights to sales on a regular base.

How Rootit supported

Rootit enabled them to get away from scattered data sources or quality issues by providing a ‘single source of the truth’ with qualitative and enriched data used for all sales, financial and pricing reports.


These interactive pricing and sales reports help them grow their commercial excellence in pricing.

How we created impact

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Improved pricing
visibility and control

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Increased sales planning performance

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Identification of new pricing opportunities


"The built-in enrichment modules and strong commitment of the Rootit team made this critical project a success in less than 3 months. Their unique combination of pricing & technical expertise was exactly what we needed to grow our commercial excellence in pricing."

Werner Van Peteghem, communication director Recticel Flexible Foams

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