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M&S team boosts sales effectiveness via Rootit


The customer

Plantyn, part of the Infinitas Learning group, is one of the top 3 educational solution providers in Belgium. They offer qualitative pupil & teacher content, digital learning platforms and management software.

The organisation was looking for a sustainable way to predict and grow its revenues and to capture meaningful insights through the main customer metrics.

How Rootit supported

A marketing & sales funnel model was integrated in Rootit to generate a sustainable, always up-to-date sales reporting that is embedded in the existing system landscape.

This solution directs the sales reps to the right customers. On top, Rootit supports the team in better understanding the contribution of M&S campaigns to lead generation.

How we created impact


Alignment between marketing & sales

target (1).png

Targeting the right customers

eye-variant-with-enlarged-pupil (1).png

Improved sales
visibility and control

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