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Comprehensible & enriched reporting with Rootit

The customer

Arteco is a dynamic chemical company, leader in its market segment. They develop and manufacture quality antifreeze coolants and heat transfer fluids for automotive and industrial applications. Arteco offers innovative, competitive and efficient aqueous solutions to provide optimised thermal heat transfer and corrosion protection for your cooling system.

Arteco was looking for a solution to streamline data gathering from multiple data sources and automate as much as possible their inhouse reporting. In addition, Arteco asked to generate additional insights from the data, which would enhance their existing reports and provide a clear and up-to-date view of their business.

How Rootit supported

With Arteco’s data being integrated into Rootit, a large portion of manual data gathering and manual data updating happens swiftly in Rootit. A multitude of insights are generated on a daily basis, in addition Rootit provides data checks to indicate data quality levels.


Arteco’s reports are visualized in Power BI, giving management and staff members an interactive and clear view of their business. Power BI reports are directly linked to Rootit making sure reports are always up to date.

The improved reports are now used throughout the company providing support to operational, tactical and strategic decision making.

How we created impact


Automated data integration & visualization


Enriched reporting to spot opportunities

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 'one source of the truth'

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