There is a new way 

to grow revenue.

Our Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) platform refocuses the conversation to a true value-based and customer-aligned revenue approach.

Our Rootit products enable your entire revenue team to unify both short-term revenue goals and long-term customer relationships.

Smart Account Planning

Grow your accounts by taking the account planning process to the next level. Our methodology drives the consistency, collaboration and customer insight required to focus on the customer's objectives.

Revenue Optimization Analytics

Understand what's happening and how to optimize revenue across accounts. Our proprietary algorithm and prescriptive analytics will provide actionable tactics to reach your revenue goals.

Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

Combine our sales methodology with augmented and artificial intelligence to enable guided selling. Transparency and human input are key in our approach to ensure that revenue teams feel comfortable with the AI guidance.


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"Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) is seeking to eliminate the inconsistency within sales processes and sales organizations. This is done through a structured, intelligent and applied methodological approach. Organizations, when utilizing CRO effectively, can expect to win more deals, watch their accounts grow,  and see revenues maximized." 



We build the next generation revenue leaders.

In today's digital, information intensive and highly connected world, many sales teams struggle to build relationships and maximize customer value.

With our platform and methodology we support the broader revenue team to focus on value for the customer and deliver on-going revenue improvement. 


Explore the power of our solution: 

Customer-centric guided selling

Save time & focus on customer value

Advanced revenue optimization insights

No additional systems, nor complexity