There is a new way 

to grow revenue.

Actionable revenue optimization insights. Smart account planning tools. Great collaboration.

And guided selling via A.I.-based assistants challenging your entire revenue team.

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Our Rootit products enable your entire revenue team to unify both short-term revenue goals and long-term customer relationships.

Smart Account Planning

Grow your accounts by taking the account planning process to the next level. Our methodology drives the consistency, collaboration and customer insight required to focus on the customer's objectives.

Revenue Optimization Analytics

Understand what's happening and how to optimize revenue across accounts. Our proprietary algorithm and prescriptive analytics will provide actionable tactics to reach your revenue goals.

Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

Combine our sales methodology with augmented and artificial intelligence to enable guided selling. Transparency and human input are key in our approach to ensure that revenue teams feel comfortable with the AI guidance.

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Do not stay behind. 

Invest today in data-driven selling.

By 2025, 60% of B2B sales organizations will transition from experience- and intuition-based selling to data-driven selling, according to Gartner, Inc.

The Gartner Future of Sales 2025

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You're in good company.

We are proud to work for these leading brands.

Rootit is more than software.

It is a proven methodology based on years of experience.


Many companies struggle to get a qualitative customer data lake in place and benefit from revenue optimization analytics throughout the complete customer lifetime.

This is exactly where we make the difference with other CRO solutions. 

Our revenue optimization data model integrates and enriches all available customer data in a way that the entire revenue team has a 360° view on each account and knows exactly what the next best actions are to generate value.


Buyers are more sophisticated than ever and sales must adapt. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness are key challenges those days.

A well-built sales playbook and alignment of your sales process with the buyer's journey are key foundations of our guided selling solution. Rootit tells your revenue team what to do and what to communicate in a given sales scenario.


A solid customer relationship, built on multiple cross-functional touchpoints and an understanding of all stakeholder's objectives, is key to grow your succes rate in a B2B market.


Our Rootit methodology and platform stimulates collaboration across the entire revenue team to provide great customer experiences and to focus on the preferred customer outcomes.

Growing smart together.
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