Better commercial decisions with our intelligent sales & profit optimization platform

Everything you need to enable your team to improve commercial effectiveness and long-term profit impact in one package: 

true customer profitability analytics

action-driven account planning

opportunity detection via collaborative AI

Made for your entire commercial organization

Top-line focused roles

Are you fulfilling one of the below roles? If so, our Rootit platform will help you to excel in your job.

  • Sales team & management

  • Commercial controller

  • Product/category manager

  • Marketing

  • Pricing

Industries with large portfolios

Our team has built expertise in several industries and their specific market characteristics:

  • Consumer product goods

  • Automotive & manufacturing

  • Chemicals & ingredients

  • Construction

  • Retail

  • Banking



Rootit is the only solution enabling you to close the profit growth loop from tactics to execution in an integrated way

Automated profit modelling and enrichment

Artificial intelligence to spot growth opportunities

No additional processes, nor systems

Advanced customer profitability analytics

Collaborative and continuous improvement

Across commercial disciplines


Advanced intelligence to optimize all levers of your value proposition via a collaborative learning organisation

Right prices, less leakage

Whether you apply list, dynamic or any other pricing logic, Rootit will highlight inconsistencies or disruptions, collect feedback of your team and optimize future prices. 

Optimized trade promotions

Rootit will help your team to evaluate promotions, incorporate the promo context and optimize the effectiveness of future promotional investments.

Impactful cross- and up-selling

Optimizing large product portfolios and offering the right mix is often an untapped source of growth. Our Rootit algorithms recommend the ideal mix for each customer.

Effective cost-to-serve

The trend to increased customer intimacy & experience often led to an extrapolation of additional services. Rootit will show how to serve customers better and cheaper.

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